Serverless Image Processing



In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to build an image processing workflow using a simple, yet powerful, fully managed service called AWS Step Functions. We will leverage a few additional serverless technologies, including AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). We will leverage an AWS CloudFormation template to deploy the Step Function template, four Lambda functions, the SNS topic and DynamoDB table. You will configure the workflow to orchestrate them together into a simulated business process that allows uploading a profile picture, checking the photo for uniqueness, generating a thumbnail, and persisting metadata that associates the user with the photo.

Estimated run time

This workshop takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Learning goals

This workshop is designed to teach you the following:

  • The advantages of orchestrating multiple serverless services using a fully managed service

  • The basics of authoring AWS Step Function state machines, including:

    • Performing work with AWS Lambda functions using the Task state

    • Executing work in parallel using the Parallel state

    • Notifying users of invalid photo requirements using Amazon SNS

    • Persisting metadata to a no-SQL database using DynamoDB

  • Visualizing, debugging, and auditing workflow executions using the AWS Step Functions web console